Coaching you through your next chapter – as leaders, teams, parents and individuals.

About chapter forty four

Our aim is to support people to work out for themselves what it is they would like to change and how they can realise that change in the most effective way. Our coaching provides the time and space for clearer thinking and increased awareness, which in turn uncovers new insights, choices and opportunities.  We build genuine and lasting relationships with our clients through warm, honest and thought-provoking conversations that enable to them find the answers within themselves to change and grow.

How we work:


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“Gill asked all the right questions and probed my answers to reveal thoughts, ideas and possible solutions that I don’t think I would have got to on my own. She was very insightful and provoked much food for thought.”

- Client Services Director, Sunhouse Ltd.

How we started:

Chapter forty four’s story began in 2010 when founder Gill Simpson experienced first-hand the powerful impact that coaching can have on helping people to discover what truly matters to them and how to go about getting it. After building a successful career in marketing, a coaching intervention helped Gill to realise that her true vocation was not to be found in developing brands but in developing people. And so started a new chapter.

Gill shifted career direction and assumed increasingly senior and board-level roles that had a more direct impact on people, communities and society more broadly. She became an internal coach in 2012 whilst working at Danone and continued to be inspired and energised by the role that coaching can play in supporting people through change and in developing authentic leadership, both in and beyond the workplace.     

With over 20 years’ business experience, Gill set up her own coaching practice in January 2017 and now works with business leaders, teams, individuals and parents to help them make the most of their own new chapters.

 Credentials and Qualifications

‘We are committed to ongoing Continuous Professional Development and supervision to enhance and grow our coaching practice. We follow the ICF Code of Ethics and adhere to the strictest levels of confidentiality at all times.’