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Parent Coaching

Do you sometimes worry you’re not getting things ‘right’ as a parent?  Or feel stuck and unsure where to turn for help? Do the stresses of family life sometimes interfere with your ability to do a good job at work? The most significant new chapter that many of us undertake is that of becoming a parent. We believe passionately in the role that parents and carers play in leading their children into the future, and in the value of parenting to society more broadly. There is no role more important, challenging or rewarding, and yet there is no role for which we have so little preparation.

We aim to change that through a unique group coaching programme, held in the workplace or in your local community.


In the workplace

Employers are increasingly recognising the positive impact that looking after employees can have on overall engagement, health and productivity. Working parents make up around a third of the UK workforce, and some reports suggest up to 90% face challenges in balancing their work and home commitments. Achieving this balance is important for the wellbeing of parents and their children: research has shown that stress generated by parenting issues at home can reduce productivity at work, and that stress at work can have a negative impact on family life and parenting.


“Every task opened your mind to think of the psychological impacts of what you do and say, and how this affects you and the people around you.” 


Parent employee

well-being workshops:

Our Coaching Skills for Work & Family Life programme offers professional parental support to parent employees in the workplace. Through a series of facilitated group workshops, parents explore a range of topics to help them develop their parenting skills, providing them with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to make a positive difference to their family. Each workshop draws on established psychological and coaching models that are easy to understand and apply not just to day-to-day family life but also to working life, leading to the transfer of skills back into the workplace. Participants also benefit from a new sense of community and inclusion at work – there are no silos or hierarchies, just common challenges and shared experiences - whilst employers can reap huge benefits in terms of productivity, employee retention, morale and confidence.

There are six 90-minute workshops – for more information please download the leaflet.

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“A reciprocal course that benefits you at home and at work is so fantastic. It makes me proud to work here.”


Pop-up parent coaching clinics:

We also offer Pop-Up Parent Coaching Clinics, where parent employees can receive one-to-one coaching on any parenting challenges they may be facing, helping them to think through options and actions that could make a positive difference to their family life.

A coaching Clinic typically lasts 2 hours, made up of 6 x 20 minutes coaching slots

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“Thank you! I have learned how to become a better listener and to give more responsibility to my children. I am now less stressed and more confident as a parent.”


Coaching programmes in the community

Coaching Skills for Family Life is a coaching programme that provides parents with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to flourish in their role in raising the next generation. It borrows from many different disciplines but at its heart is the belief that all the ingredients in a family that matter are changeable and correctable. Through a series of group workshops, we explore topics such as the developmental needs of children, labels and belief formation, the power of attention, the role of praise, and encouraging positive behaviour. Each workshop draws on established psychological and coaching models that are easy to understand and apply to day-to-day family life, with the aim of helping parents learn to recognise and enjoy the role and responsibility they have and the positive difference they can make to family life.

If you’d like to know more about these groups and get one up and running in your community then please get in touch.

“It has improved my relationships at home. I am now less stressed and more confident as a parent.”